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Posligne Elios Touchscreen
Posligne Elios Touchscreen
Price: £899.00
ACCOUNT POS - Accounting for Business
ACCOUNT POS - Accounting Software for Business
Price: £99.00
ACCOUNT POS - Accounting Software for Business

       Price: £99.00
ACCOUNT POS - Accounting for Business


Accounts Software

Account Pos, provides a host of seamless features that will manage all of you company's accounting activities. Sales staff can enjoy real time access to current stock levels to help close a deal on the spot. The accounts department can readily check out how a client is doing as far as meeting their payments. Production and logistics staff can view raw material stock levels, and order projections in order to pre-program future stock requisitions. The advantages are endless with (Account Pos) account management software.

In today's fast pace business world, having a finger on the pulse of your business is a must. Companies thrive on sales and sales are won by being decisive. And that means providing the right answers at the right time. Many a sale has been lost by a client allowed to grow cold while waiting for an answer. Provide on the spot answers with (Account Pos) account management software. Increase your turnover and profitability, and with it the efficiency of your business with (Account Pos) account management software.

Account management software "account Pos" was developed by RPS who are specialists in providing business software solutions such as retail business software, Pos Software and Restaurant Software for hospitality to suit the requirements of the business community. 

Our accounting software has been designed on a modular yet readily inter-linkable basis so that it can be customized to suit the individual needs of any company, from the smallest to the largest. No matter if your business is in the manufacturing, retailing or service sector, Account Pos, account management software can be customised at source to suit your requirements to a T.  

The ability to customise means that you don't need to lay out money on modules that you don't need. However at RPS we are well aware that things change, and you can contact us any time to add another module as your business develops or takes a change in direction.

Account Pos will allow the following services among many others.

  • Track sales
  • Track overheads
  • Monitor your purchase ledger
  • Monitor your sales ledger
  • Monitor staff expenses (Payroll Module Coming Soon)                   
  • Monitor salaries and expense accounts   
  • Instantly create invoices                   

In short ACCOUNT POS will allow you to organise all of your company's finances so that they are  readily accessible and straightforward  to understand - making it a simple matter for your accounting team to prepare monthly or quarterly accounts up to and including your annual audit.  

Paperless offices are for today, and anyone who cannot make the move or is reluctant to do so will be left behind. That's why we developed Account Pos, and want to share it with you. It will be the best investment you can make for your business.

Try Account Pos FREE for 30 days!

If you would like to know more about our accounting software or any of our other products, please do not hesitate in calling us on the number listed at the top of the website

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